Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hermitage Elementary Grand Finale

 I read that Chihuly is known for his paint splattered shoes, which mimic his drawing/paintings.  So, as a fun way to use up the left over paint, and supplies from the Unit, I held an after school art class for 2nd and 3rd grade.  They supplied a pair of shoes, I supplied the materials, and we set to work!

 I'm encouraging the students to wear their shoes to our "Chihuly Night" where the parents are invited to see our installations. 

4th Grade Ikebanas, made from Clay, and found objects.  The base is a modified clay rattle lesson- we didn't add the rattles, but the shape of a ball allowed us to manipulate the base into an organic vase.

Thanks to Ted Edinger for the use of his Kiln, since mine needs an element (doesn't that always happen when time is an issue?)

3rd Grade "tower" based on the Nimja Floats
Kindergarten "Machia" installation on the ceiling outside the art room
2nd and 3rd did "Drawings" Chihuly Style.  I helped 2nd with their signatures, 3rd were on their own.

2nd Grade "Mille Fiore"
Can you tell how proud this art teacher is of her artists?  We've had such a great time with this unit, and I could post picture upon picture- cause I took a bunch.  If you'd like to see more, my blog is

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