Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ceramic Venetian Vase, NSA, Art I (9th Grade)

I introduced Chihuly with a Power Point that included a brief bio, history of glass and glass blowing, and examples of Chihuly's Venetian Series. I asked them to think about fusing "art & nature."
Requirements: preliminary sketches, thin & even construction,  functional vessel, stands securely, 8"+, clean & secure welding of appliques, even coverage of glaze
We used mainly coil construction, but some vases required pinch or slab construction.
I allowed 2 weeks for construction, and 2 week for glazing.
I only have 26 Art I students. I spent about $50 on clay, and $100 on 6 pints of fun, colorful, texture glazes.
When finished, students completed a rubric and artist statement.



  1. These are beautiful expressions of art and nature. I am thrilled to see Jennifer - one of my former students!
    Carrie Bryant, Creswell Arts Magnet

  2. Did you have a personal example of your own when you did this project? What kind of demonstration did you do?