Friday, October 22, 2010

Chihuly at Glencliff Elementary

All grades K through 4 have done one or two pieces for the Chihuly installation at our school.  There are two more in progress.  The kindergarten is working on a Persian project and the 2nd grade is busy with Walla -Walla construction. The sun type sculpture was done by the 2nd grade who actually took the tour at Cheekwood. The Sun was the favorite piece of many of them. The label was not on the sculpture at the time of the photos.  Also the 4th grade chandelier was added after some of the photos were taken. 4th graders made the Tower of Flowers too. The Ikebana and the Reeds were made by 3rd graders.  The first grade made the Maccias. More have been added since the photos.

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