Saturday, October 16, 2010

Creswell's Creations

Recycled Water Bottles

They "dance" with the slightest movement of air!

Coffee Filter Macchia's

A 7th grade student created this painting at home after being inspired by our study of Chihuly!

Chihuly Inspired Paintings
by 7th & 8th grade Paintworks Class
Step #1 - base color
Step #2 - addition of more color and movement

Step #3 - add lines with color pencils

Step #4 - final layer of paint.
Our "DRAWING WALL" photo's will be posted soon.
I.T. Creswell Arts Magnet Middle School

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  1. I love the coffe filter project! I have seen it a few places but I love how you added the detail to the lip of the form. Can you tell me more about how you made these?