Thursday, October 14, 2010

East Literature Magnet Middle School - 8th Grade Chihuly Interpretations

After viewing a Chihuly DVD and various examples of Chihuly's artwork, the 8th graders at East Literature Magnet Middle School interpreted Chihuly’s paintings and sculpture on canvas.  We used complementary colors of paint and yarn on canvas and sculpted water bottles.  The students emulated Chihuly's loose style of painting with glue and added yarn on top.  Line and sculpture placement allowed for some interesting dialogue about design concepts.  The kids enjoyed learning about Chihuly and the display has attracted a lot of attention to the exhibit! - Ms. Bellgardt 5th - 8th grade art, East Literature Magnet Middle School


  1. Wow! The Chihuly interpretations are so pleasing to the eye! I really like them. The cups and yarn truly do resemble his sculptues and the colors he uses. Awesome job!

  2. Original way to combine both 2-D & 3-D!