Thursday, October 28, 2010

Park Avenue Elementary Goes CHIHULY K-5!

Welcome to Park Avenue's K-5 Chihuly inspired exhibition! 

Kindergarten's inspired Macchia vine. This project used coffee filters colored with marker, then spritzed with water then sprayed with starch. Students also create symmetrical leaves to add to the vine. 

First graders took a field trip to see Chihuly at Cheekwood and came back inspired to create a Chihuly inspired Chandeliers and Ikebanas.  Both projects used plastic water bottles. 

Setting up Ikebana's....

The 2nd graders created two Chihuly inspired paper sculptures, The Moon and The Sun. 

The 3rd graders created drawings inspired by Chihuly's wall of drawings. Students rolled paint onto the background and squirted paint like Chihuly. All students loved experimenting with his drawing technique!!!

The 4th graders created Macchia inspired drawings using pastels and watercolors. 

The 5th graders created a Chihuly inspired Seaforms using tissue paper cut into organic shapes and created a radial line design. 

Mrs. Guiffre & Mrs. Jahnig hope you enjoyed looking at our wonderful Chihuly displays! 

Hillwood High School

Hillwood Photography, Ceramic and AP Art student spent two days at Cheekwood.  Photography students combined thier photographs with drawings done on site.  Student used Chihuly's artworks and the Cheekwood grounds as inspirations for thier own works.

Goodlettsville Middle Chihuly Projects

These will be installed around the school tomorrow but I'm uploading these now. So I may edit this. These are images of our works when they were in progress.

Bottle Painting

As with many of MNPS student chandeliers, the top portions would end up being spirals. The bottom portions would end up being flower forms.

Placing bottles in the chandelier.
5th-8th graders worked together on our chandelier.
Students giving a metallic texture to our Macchia.


Our Macchia were created by 6th-8th grades.

The Floats would then be painted with layers of acrylic.

Our Niijima Floats began as paper mache balloons.

Our Macchia begin as chicken wire with the proper shape. Paper mache layers are then added.

The finished Niijima Floats.