Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chihuly Cylinders (1st Grade) Hermitage Elem.

The first graders and I compared actual Navajo blankets to the Navajo Cylinder series.  Students cut the top half of the water bottle off, and I saved it for the 4th grade "ikebana" flower forms.  Then we coated the bottom half of the water bottles with a mixture of black tempera, acrylic medium and some glitter for shine.  The next session, we dipped pieces of string into starch, and draped them across the water bottles to create line designs.  In order to stop the water bottles from rolling, I gave students a small ball of modeling clay, which they divided into 2 pieces, and wedged underneath the sides of the water bottle when they laid it down.  I had started by giving each student a manila paper as a placemat.  This served as a way to write their name temporarily, along with giving a work surface.  After they were dry, I wrote their names on the cylinder with a silver sharpie, and recyled the clay for another session.

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